PowerCube™ FAQs

1. Does the PowerCube™ meet CARB Emissions standards?
Yes, as 01/17 the PowerCube meets Tier 4 emissions standards.

2. How long have you been manufacturing the PowerCube™?
The first PowerCube rolled out of production in July of ’07. Our APU unit has been designed and built with the savvy and expertise gained in 35 years of custom manufacturing Heating and Air Conditioning units for off-highway vehicle OEM’s. To our knowledge, the PowerCube is the only APU on the market that meets with J1503 SAE testing standards. [Society of Automotive Engineers].

3. How much frame rail space do I need?
Our AC condenser is located inside the main case, where our FastAir™ single fan design pulls high BTU’s to heat and cool. To get this performance our main case requires 28 1/4” of frame rail space with at least a 25” clearance.

4. Does the unit clamp or bolt to the frame rail?
C’mon do you really think that a clamp mount on a bouncing frame is a long-term solution? No. The PowerCube™ bolts directly to the frame rail and comes with a drilling template.

5. What is included in your installation kit?
Our kits include way more than most, including the Main unit with mounting kit, under bunk HVAC unit, 15' of flexible ducting, Control center, custom designed Plug 'n Play wire harness, standard 120 v. outlet, fuel pickup tube kit, and more. You can see a picture of the kit in our Web Brochure, click the button on the upper right.

6. Do you send along a wiring diagram for installation?
The wire harness can only be connected as designed with male and female ends connecting each, the HVAC and main engine units. You receive a quality, nylon wrapped, automotive grade plug-n-play wiring harness that is “error” proof. Our company specializes in designing and building wiring harnesses for many types of vehicles.

7. Where can I get a PowerCube™ unit bought and installed?
That’s simple. Our nationwide network of installation and service centers can be accessed with 1 phone call to 866-526-7109. Talk with our sales representative to find the most convientient location for you in our network. It is also possible to arrange installation with your local serice center. After the unit is mounted to the frame rail, a PowerCube™ install is about a 6-hour job depending on the skill and knowledge of the installer. The installer has to be certified to handle R134A refrigerant.

8. Are you looking for dealers/distributors?
We will be partnering up to secure regional dealers and distributors for the PowerCube™. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, please call our Marketing Department at 308-762-3235 ext. 27

9. How long is your standard product warranty?
Standard product warranty is 2 years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. Also we offer 3, 4 or 5 year extended warranty options. Talk to our sales representative for more information.

10. How much oil does the engine hold?
3 quarts with OEM recommended 400 hr. oil change intervals.

11. Does it come with an inverter?
As the PowerCube™ works, the alternator charges the truck battery and of course the battery will power your inverter through your 12-volt outlet.

12. What dimension is the control panel?
A neat cube-shape (does that surprise you?) 5” x 5” square box with soft touch buttons, idiot warning and LED readouts. The control panel mounts anywhere you like, but we suggest somewhere up behind the drivers seat, and near the head of your bed.

13. Is the control panel hard wired, or wireless RF?
It’s all hard-wired and a part of the custom plug-n-play wire harness design.

14. Can I start the PowerCube™ unit remotely?
This is a feature built into our control panel capability. But, we’re learning that a majority of drivers will simply leave their APU running (while inside) depending on what the weather conditions are. We view this feature as more of a “toy” function and we’re finding that most drivers won’t use it much anyway. We don’t want to make you pay unless you want the option. If you want the remote start option, just ask.

15. What about low-voltage monitoring of my battery, will your APU check and start automatically?
Using our low-voltage monitoring feature you can choose to have your PowerCube™ APU start automatically. We can show you how to set your controller at the time of purchase. Let us know.

16. Will your APU also heat up my truck engine?
Yes. But not like you’re thinking. Remember, the PowerCube™ is a completely isolated APU system! So, It stands on it’s own and does not feed off or integrate into your truck systems. The 120-volt AC power generated by the PowerCube™ will easily power your truck’s block heater, to keep your engine warm.

17. Are the Freon lines pre-charged, with quick connects? 
No. The R134A refrigerant has to be charged into your AC system at the time of install. We do not implement quick connects on our AC line hoses. You get the reliable screw-on type that has less chance of shaking loose and leaking!

18. What length are the Freon lines in your kit?
Freon lines are 15’ in length.

19. Does your unit run on a v-belt?
No. Part of our research revealed that the v-belt does not have the best design reputation in the field. So, to eliminate slips and misalignment, the PowerCube™ drive belt is a flat, notched belt with a tension mount spring pulley.

20. Do you the adjust pulleys to keep the belt aligned?
No. Our pulleys are secured by our own Saddle Mount™ system design, which secures engine peripherals on the frame enabling fixed pulley alignment. No adjustments, and includes a tension mount pulley that keeps the belt tight.

21. What color is the PowerCube’s main engine case?
What color do you want it? The standard production color is a powder coated black frame and case. However, as an option, we’ll paint and graphic the PowerCube™ to match the color of your truck.

22. Are your case panels removable?
Yes. Top lid, both side and rear panels are individually removable for easy access to every component part.

23. What is the weight and the shipping costs?
The PowerCube™ engine unit weighs 499 lbs. Depending on where you are in the country, shipping costs will average between $200. - $350.

24. Is our OOIDA discount included in the price?
Your OOIDA discount will always be recognized on our MSRP. It is not included on specials, discounts or promotional programs we originate unless otherwise stated.

25. Where do we find parts and service for a PowerCube™?
We’ve made this simple. Please have your service person call us to obtain a Repair Authorization number with parts list needed. We will provide the RA number along with expedited shipment of parts, along with a labor spec on repair times for each component.

26. What is the fuel consumption of a PowerCube™
.165 (point four) gallons per/hour. Yes, that's right .165 gph!

27. What RPM does the 3-cylinder diesel engine run? 
2,200 RPM

28. How much engine noise is there?
72db at a six foot range.

29. Will self-installation void the warranty?
No. But, you must be certified to handle the R134A refrigerant.

30. Does the PowerCube™ have shore power, or is it an option?
No on both questions. You don’t need it. The PowerCube™ is not a battery-based, integrated system. Our APU is an isolated, self existing system that will power your in cab heating and air and 120 volt AC for as long as you wish, as long as the fuel tank on your truck doesn’t go empty.

31. When can we expect delivery if we order one?
Delivery schedules can vary. The best way to find out is talk with your sales representative to find out current delivery schedules.

The PowerCube™APU is a leading edge auxiliary power unit, approved by the EPA SmartWay Clean Diesel program to reduce emissions. It gives the driver fuel savings and reduced engine wear. Tridako is dedicated to designing a tough, high BTU output, emission reducing APU.

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